1)    The lessee ,with the signature ,acknowledges that he reived the vehicle in proper operating condition,five tyles in good condition with completeset of tools,accessories and car registration papersand agrees to return the vecihle under the same conditions on the agreed date ,time and placein case of extension ,has to inform the lessor 24 hours in advence and deposit the necessary amount.


2)    Lessee undertakes that the vehicle will not be used


a)    To transport goods in violation oflaws and custom regulation ,or for another illegal purposes,

b)    To pus or tow vecihle and/or object,

c)    In motor sports (rally,racing,speed testing or reliability trails)

d)    To drive roads not open to and unsuitable for normal traffic,

e)    To exceed the limits established by traffic regulations and the manufacturer for the number of passengers and/or load capacity to be carried in the vecihle also to carry finable loads,

f)     By anyone under the influence of alcoholl or drugs,

g)    For paid carriage of passengers or goods whatever the method of payment.


3)    Lesse must be in possession  of a valid license for a minimum of 2 years.The minimum age required is 21.


4)    The vecihle may not be driven by person other than  whose names are written in the rental agreement , under any circumstances.The drivers subject to lessor’s prior authorization,provided he fits the term and conditions,registering his name and signature on the rental agreement otherwise all insuraces become void. The lessee is responsible from the driver’s observing the terms.


5)    Lessee has to inform the lessor an address changes immediately.Otherwise, given address will be used for all legal correspondense.


6)    The lessee , undertakes the reissing expenses,and the rental charges for the time passed ,in the event of loss of car registration and/or plates.